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Career Medical Officer (CMO)
Auburn Hospital, Auburn, NSW

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This advertisement was posted on 16th September 2017

Career Medical Officer, (CMO)
Auburn Hospital, NSW

    Career Medical Officer

    Position Title: Career Medical Officer (CMO)
    Reference Number: 414049
    Classification: Dependent on qualifications
    Location: Auburn, NSW
    Employment Status: Permanent full time, Permanent part time, Temporary full time, Temporary part time
    Enquiries: Dr Romesh Singam (02) 8759 3364
    Closing Date: 20/9/2017

    Purpose of Position:

    The main purpose of the position is the provision of safe and effective emergency care to patients who present to the Emergency Department.

    Selection criteria:

      1. High level of Communication and Interpersonal Skills/ability to work in a team.
      2. Ability to manage Shock including Inotropic Support.
      3. Ability to insert Central Lines and Arterial Lines.
      4. Familiarity with Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation.
      5. Advanced Resuscitation Skills including Rapid Sequence Endotracheal Intubation.
      6. Experience in Emergency Medicine.
      7. Five years postgraduate hospital experience.
      8. MBBS or equivalent, currently or to be eligible for registration with Medical Board of Australia.

    Please apply online by visiting:

    NSW Health Service: employer of choice

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