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Career Medical Officer,
Blacktown Respiratory Integrated Care
Blacktown / Mount Druitt, NSW

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This advertisement was posted on 10th July 2016

Career Medical Officer,
Blacktown Respiratory Integrated Care,
Blacktown / Mount Druitt, NSW

    Career Medical Officer

    Position Title: Career Medical Officer, Blacktown Respiratory Integrated Care
    Reference Number: 333852
    Classification: Career Medical Officers Grade 1
    Location: Blacktown / Mount Druitt , NSW
    Employment Status: Temporary Full-time (up to 30/06/2017)
    Contact details: Dr Yashu Chang on 0422 467 177
    Closing Date: 21st July 2016

    The Respiratory Integrated Care CMO will:

      - Be a medical officer in their fourth post graduate year or later and will provide medical care to patients enrolled in WSICP, with care delivered mainly at the Blacktown Hospital and the Blacktown Local Government Area (LGA).

      - Be responsible for the assessment and management of patients presenting to the Rapid Access Clinic of the Respiratory service. The hospitalist will work independently and in consultation with the Integrated Care Respiratory Clinical Nurse Consultant (ICRCNC) and under the supervision of the Integrated Care Respiratory Staff Specialist (ICRSS).

      - Be responsible for the assessment, management and ongoing review of selected patients in their home environment. Home visits will be limited to the Blacktown local government area.

      - Be responsible for co-ordinating clinic and home visits, in conjunction with other members of the Integrated Care team.

      - Possess a current or be eligible for a NSW driving license.

      - Be responsible for the operation of a hotline service for patients enrolled in Integrated Care, in rotation with the ICRSS and ICRCNC.

      - Be responsible for the appropriate documentation and communication with other staff members involved in patient care within Respiratory Integrated Care. Communicate as required with the Respiratory Integrated Care team at Westmead Hospital.

      - Be responsible for liaising with the Attending Medical Officers (AMO), patient flow unit, or the emergency department if patients reviewed in the Rapid Access Clinic need to be admitted or managed in the Emergency Department.

      - Participate in educational and audit activities, including visits to general practice offices as required.

      - Not be expected to be on call after usual working hours, although extended hours (e.g. up to 1900 hrs) may be required for the hotline service.

    Selection criteria:

      1. MBBS or equivalent, currently registered or eligible for registration with the Medical Board of Australia. Must have completed AMC Parts 1 and 2.

      2. Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, with colleagues and patients.

      3. Completed a minimum of 5 post graduate years. (Including 1-2 years in a public hospital in Australia).

      4. Demonstrated excellent oral and written communication and interpersonal skills, with colleagues and patients.

      5. Ability to lead and work with a multidisciplinary team.

      6. Excellent organisational and time management skills with attention to detail.

      7. Current Drivers Licence valid within Australia.

      8. Experience or working knowledge of Information Technology systems, including GP clinical software applications, CERNER, CHIME and IPM.

    Please apply online by visiting:

    NSW Health Service: employer of choice

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