Renewals: It's renewal time again for members whose memberships expire at the end of June 2003. Renewal notices for these members are enclosed along with this newsletter.

Next Meeting ASCMO's next meeting is at 7pm on Thurs 12th June 2003. It will be hosted at the Tweed Hospital allowing other to join us via ASCMO's Freecall teleconference number. Senior members of the Medical Training and Education Council of NSW (MTEC) will be joining us at 7pm to discuss ongoing training opportunities (or lack thereof) for CMOs.

To join our meeting by phone: simply ring freecall 1800 672 949 at 7pm sharp, entering our Account number = 7213 8528 followed by our pin number: 8950 then the "#" key. You will either join us or be listening to music till others join. (for further details contact David Brock 0412 065 775)

ASCMO's Industrial activities: ASCMO continues to ask for industrial representation before the NSW Industrial Commission to bring forward a renewed Award for CMOs in NSW. Following the Nurses decision, we are waiting for ASMOF to obtain legal advice to challenge the no extra claims provision associated with current series of pay rises in NSW due for completion in July 2004

Continuing Medical Education for CMOs: The Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPDP) is a Continuing Medical Education program developed by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA). This innovative program is based on self-directed learning through the documentation of educational activities in a Learning Diary.

The great advantage to CMOs is that CPDP is easy, user friendly and logs those aspects of your own practice that provide a significant educational event. The CPDP allows you to note down your educational experiences and, at the end of each six-month period, the results are officially tabulated and reported by ASCMO. This report is the certifiable evidence of your own CME and is acceptable as such throughout Australia. The facility also exists for you to log on at work as well as home, and also to compose your own reports from the data that you collect.

ASCMO is able to offer this log-book style program to members of ASCMO both in electronic (Windows ONLY) and manual forms. The cost is $55-00 annually for the electronic version and $110-00 annually for the paper version. Further details of this programme are available at

For current members of CPDP please forward your diary submissions to our Education Officer:-
  Dr Gabrielle du Preez-Wilkinson
  6 Mary Street

Submissions should be forwarded to Gabrielle twice a year, i.e. June and December. All participants in this program will receive relevant certifications. This can be used as evidence of CME, to your employer, when re-registering with the Medical Board of NSW, etc. Certificates are usually issued in September each year. If you require your certificate sooner, please advise either Gabrielle or the ASCMO Office Manager.
(please print and distribute to CMOs especially those without internet access)
ASCMO Times Our journal, "ASCMO-times" will be sent out soon. Articles will include information on Bullying and the forthcoming Peripheral Hospitals Medical Eduation Conference in the Blue Mountains in October 2003. Minutes from Annual General Meeting will also be included.

ASCMO's new Office Manager: Jacqui Riding has resigned from her position after three years of excellent service. Thanks Jacqui for your very professional contribution to our organisation and development of our website. Joanne Lewis has joined us as our new office manager, and the Committee welcomes you on behalf of all our members. ASCMO continues to promote CMOs as a viable career option: ASCMO was recently invited to provide an article about CMOs to the NSW AMA. David Brock provided an article which was published in the May 2003 edition of the "NSW Doctor". It is reproduced overleaf.

Support ASCMO: Remember ASCMO, continues to the only representative organisation run by CMOs for CMOs. Our fees are tax deductible and nominal at only $100 per year. We rely on membership subscriptions to provide representation and maintain communication with our members (newsletters, office manager, teleconference and website facilities). Committee members provide their time and effort on a voluntary basis. Please support your organisation with renewed and new memberships. Applications available on our website at

"ASCMO-talk": ASCMO's email discussion group is open to all members. Contribute or just be a fly on the wall. Contact our office manager to join at

ASCMO's Website: Our "Internal Search Engine" is the quickest way to find what you need is with our internal search engine .. simply type in your keyword(s) and away you go ..

CMO Positions Check out adverts for CMO positions across Australia at

"Members Only" areas on ASCMO website: A current username and password are now required to access certain sections of our website. eg: Industrial awards, Salary Schedules and various topical subjects such as Bullying, etc. Contact ASCMO's office manager to obtain a Username/Password (contact details below).

ASCMO and Area of Need applications for CMO positions. ASCMO has been recognised as a the relevant stakeholder that must be consulted before CMO positions can be designated "Area of Need" in NSW. ASCMO is using this opportunity to ensure that local CMOs are not denied access to CMO positions. If you feel you have been displaced by AON provisions please contact ASCMO's office manager.

All correspondence to our new postal address:
   ASCMO Office Manager
   23 Hidden Valley Rd

   ABN 2902 5855 425