Job descriptions for the Major Committee Members of ASCMO
Updated March 2003

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    The president of the ASCMO needs to have a well defined leadership role

    In purely administrative terms he/she should ensure that there are;

      - at least four committee meetings per year, including

        - one AGM and
        - one country committee meeting.

    The president should also ensure attendance, by a member of the association, at other medical / political meetings that have a bearing on CMO practice. At the present time this includes

        - ASMOF  (Australian Salaried Medical Offcers Federation)
        - ASEM     (Australian Society of Emergency Medicine)
        - MTRP     (Medical Training Review Panel)
        - DIT          (Doctors in Training)
        - DMHIC   (Doctors Mental Health Implementation Committee)

    The president should also strongly support (with others) the continued publication of the quarterly CMO Bulletin ("ASCMO Times") and the maintenance of ASCMO's website.

    He/she should chair the committee meetings.

    He/she should ensure continuous reporting by appropriate ASCMO representatives
    (eg those attending the above meetings, the Education Officer and the Industrial Officer) to the committee

    The President should ensure the regular (quarterly) reporting of the financial state of the Association to the committee, and that the Treasurer files a Financial Statement at the AGM

    In more general terms the president needs to have an idea, a vision of where the association is going and encourage ways to ensure that this vision is realised.


    The Secretary of the ASCMO Inc. is responsible for minuting all committee meetings and for ensuring their publication before, and ratification at the next committee meeting.

    The minutes should consist of a record of all those attending, apologies for non-attendance, a record of all appointments of office bearers and members of the committee and a record of all proceedings at committee meetings.

    The publication referred to above may be either in the form of a letter to all committee members or (perhaps preferably) in a widely disseminated medium such as "The CMO Bulletin" - this will also ensure minutes are published on the web-site.

    It is the responsibility of the Secretary in conjunction with the President to work out and disseminate the committee meeting agendas approximately one month (minimum one week) before the meetings are held.


    The Treasurer of the ASCMO has the responsibility of looking after the financial affairs of the association.

    In practice this means ensuring the banking of monies from membership fees and payment of monies owed by the Association. A full record of all these transactions is essential

    A financial report should be made available to the committee at each committee meeting

    All cheques must be countersigned by two members of the committee one of whom must be the Treasurer - The second co-signature is usually by the President, but the Secretary or the Vice-President can also be co-signatories.

    The treasurer needs to have a list of all financial members of the Association


    The Vice-President of the ASCMO is basically a (strong) supporter of the President and is possibly - but not necessarily - a contender for this position in the future.

    The Vice-President needs to liase closely with the president and help to execute the routine business of the ASCMO - particularly the committee meetings and the AGM

    The Vice-President should take over the leadership role when the President is unable to perform this function (through other commitments, sickness etc.)

    The Vice-President should know the "Job Description" of the President (attached) and assist in its implementation.

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