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The CPDP is a Continuing Medical Education program developed by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA). After negotiating with the RCPA, the CMOA is now able to offer this log-book style program to members of the CMOA both in electronic and manual forms. Below, we have a copy of the RCPA's own introductory information (? original) about the CPDP.

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia

Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPDP)

A Board of Education Initiative

Development of the CPDP

The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia's (RCPA), Continuing Professional Development Programme (CPDP) was officially launched in September 1996 and made available to Fellows in January 1997. The Programme is based on self-directed learning through the documentation of educational activities in a Learning Diary.

The CPDP is an innovative development of continuing medical education in Australia. The Programme has taken as its starting point, the continuing education model MOCOMP, developed by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

At the heart of the CPDP is the principle that new learning is most relevant for the professional if the acquisition of new knowledge, skills or attitudes enhances his or her ability to solve problems in the workplace. The stimulus for this learning lies in the challenges of everyday practice. This approach recognises and emphasises the individual nature of the learning interests and needs of the practising professional.

Diary Formats

The learning Diary, ie. CPDP Diary is available in 2 formats - electronic and paper. The electronic Diary is available for use on a Windows or Apple Macintosh operating system.

Who can participate in CPDP?

The Programme is open for RCPA Fellows, Affiliates and trainees. The Programme is currently voluntary with over 800 College Fellows, Affiliates and Trainees registered. This represents one third of the College's Fellowship. The RCPA is presently undertaking an active marketing campaign to encourage all College members to participate.

Evaluation of the CPDP

Since its launch in 1996 the College has reviewed the content and structure of the Diary and a second version of the Diary has been produced which was distributed to participants in late 1998. The latest version (Version 2, Release 2) of the Electronic Diary is to be distributed by the beginning of June 2000.

Key Features of the Electronic Diary

The second version of the electronic Diary is presented in a streamlined user-friendly format with the following key features incorporated in the Diary:

Ease in navigating the Diary- use of short cut buttons
Easy and simple to use
Flexible - Diary may be installed on 2 computers eg. home and work
Minimal text entry
Use of drop down menus
Search facility
Report generation
Ease in transferring data between Version 2 and the latest version as well as between 2 computers
Backup facility
Automatic installation facility
Inclusion of a reference manager
Electronic submission of entries to the College via disk or e-mail
Dual Fellows (RCPA/RACP) are able to generate a MOPS Report

Interested in participating in CPDP?

If you would like to participate in the CPDP, please contact Ilse Wagner, Assistant Coordinator Education & Quality, at the College for a registration form. Alternatively, you may register on-line at

If you would like to discuss the Programme please speak with Ilse Wagner at the College. Ilse's contact details are:

Direct Line: 61 2 8356 5825  Fax: 61 2 8356 5828   E-mail:

RCPA home page


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