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In terms of "industrial matters" (as defined by the NSW Industrial Relations Act 1996), Section 26 (1) of the Area Health Services Act 1986 provides that the Health Administration Corporation is the employer of employees of an area health service

Pursuant to Section 26 (2) of the Area Health Services Act 1986, and except as otherwise fixed in accordance with law, the Health Administration Corporation hereby fixes the wages and conditions of employment in respect of positions for Multi-skilled Medical Officers employed by the Illawarra Area Health Service, to enable the Illawarra Area Health Service to exercise its statutory functions, as follows:

Signed at Sydney this                    day of                           1997

Michael Reid
Director-General Department of Health NSW as Health Administration Corporation

Signature of Witness

(Print) Name of Witness

1.   Area, Incidence and Duration

This Agreement is between the Illawarra Area Health Service and the members of the Illawarra Casual Medical Officers Association (hereinafter referred to as Multi Skilled Medical Officers - MMO's) employed by the Illawarra Area Health Service (hereinafter referred to as IAHS).

Other than as specified in Clause 9, this Agreement shall take effect from the beginning of the first full pay period commencing on or after the date it is made and shall remain in force thereafter until 31 December 1999. It is a term of this Agreement that the parties agree not to pursue any extra claims, unless by agreement, until 31 December 1999.

This Agreement will be retrospective to the beginning of the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 January 1997.

2.   Aim

The aim of this Agreement is to promote real gains in productivity, efficiency, flexibility and co-operation in the workplace and to facilitate continued progress on restructuring and training initiatives. It sets in place a recognised career structure and path for MMO's.

3.   Definition

For the purposes of this Agreement a MMO shall be a doctor with a minimum of 5 years postgraduate, broad ranging public hospital experience and may also be experienced in a variety of non-public hospital areas of Medicine.

4.   Representation

For the purposes of this Agreement the MMOs will be industrially represented by the New South Wales Branch of the Australian Medical Association Limited.

5.   Terms and Conditions

The appointment of an MMO will be for the term of this Agreement on a flexible hours basis. The hours of work will depend on the rostering requirements of the hospital(s). At the end of the term of this Agreement the MMO may, subject to satisfactory performance, be eligible for reappointment.

Appointments and credentialling are recommended to the Illawarra Area Health Service by a Credentialling Committee (herein referred to as CC and described herein). Day to day issues will be referred to a Joint Consultative Committee (hereinafter referred to as JCC and described herein).

6.   Rosters

Each MMO and IAHS Medical Administration will agree to a 12 months roster for the Area at least 2 months in advance of a roster period commencing.

In considering the roster the Area will recognise the hours worked by each MMO as established by examination of the pattern of work of the MMO for the twelve months prior. As far as possible no reduction in hours will occur for MMO's for twelve months following the date of the singing of this Agreement. However, should this be required due to contingency needs of the IAHS, full discussion will take place with MMO's and their industrial representative.

The roster will be specific in terms of time, place and function. Changes to this roster can only occur by mutual consent and will, as far as possible, reflect the time, place and function as originally rostered.

7.    Career path

8.    Joint Consultative Committee

The Parties shall establish a Joint Consultative Committee as a forum for open discussion. The JCC will meet at regular quarterly intervals with additional meetings if required. It shall consist of equal numbers of MMO's and Hospital / Area Hospital Service Officers. The meetings shall be paid time at the MMO's usual rate of pay. This JCC will be the reference point for any matter which concerns MMO's apart from Credentialling issues which will be referred tot he Credentialling Committee.

9.     Credentialling Committee

10.   Remuneration


For the purposes of this Agreement the rates expressed as ‘Base Rates' represent a rolled up rate which includes all components of paid leave, excluding Long Service Leave. Long Service Leave will be paid as per the Long Service Leave Act 1955 NSW. Superannuation will be paid as per the Superannuation Guarantee Administration Act.

The parties agree that rates payable under this Agreement shall be increased by 3% from the beginning of the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 January 1998 and by a further 3% from the beginning of the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 January 1999.


per hour

Level I (Training)


Level II


Level III


Number of Disciplines/Areas

    Three or more disciplines / areas at level II or above

Unsociable hours

    Monday - Friday         1700 - 2400


    Monday - Thursday     2400 - 0800


    Saturday - Sunday      0800 - 2400


    Fri, Saturday, Sunday 2400 - 0800


    Public Holidays


11.   Leave

MMO's shall be entitled to claim up to 8 weeks leave per year ( 4 weeks of which have been remunerated as part of the rolled up base rate and 4 weeks of which will be unpaid leave). MMO's shall give the IAHS 4 weeks notice of intention to take such leave of 4 weeks or less and 8 weeks notice for leave greater than 4 weeks.

An MMO shall be entitled to unpaid leave of absence on compassionate grounds or during any period he / she is unable to render services due to illness, provided that the MMO shall notify the IAHS of such incapacity as soon as is reasonably practical.

Extra leave may be applied for and will not be unreasonably denied.

12.   Transitional Arrangements

This cause applies only to MMO's employed by the IAHS prior to the making of this Agreement (listed at...). The parties have agreed that there will be three categories of MMO's who would, without transitional arrangements, be disadvantaged by the operation of the Agreement. These categories are:

In all these cases, the Area will ensure that they payment in any given fortnight is no less than the amount that would have been provided if the hourly rate applicable prior to this Agreement had been paid.

13.   Variation

Should the parties agree after discussion between them and in conference with the Mmo's industrial representative (AMA - NSW), this Agreement can be varied according to the wishes of all the parties.

14.   Savings Clause

The parties agree that the matter of a 2% allowance for two disciplines / areas at level II or above will be considered when the initial credentialling process has been completed. If the parties agree that such an allowance is appropriate, the Agreement will be varied to reflect that agreement. If such an allowance is not included in the Agreement following the initial credentialling process, the matter will be reconsidered by the parties at the end of the term of the Agreement.

15.   Dispute Resolution Procedure

Stage 1 - Consultation

Stage 2 - Local hospital level

Stage 3 - Hospital or area health service level

Stage 4 - Mediation

Stage 5 - Arbitration


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