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Australasian Society of Career Medical Officers

Annual General Meeting 18th May, 2002

Attendance: (in person) Mary Webber, David Brock, Danny Briggs, David Brock, Gabrielle duPreez-Wilkinson, Michael Boyd, Harmen Lightfoot, Tom Salonga, Michelle Metzler, Mary Nagle, Ron Strauss, Ken Wilson (late arrival)

(on telephone): David Tree

Apologies: Steve Delprado, Steve Myers, Kien Coaxuan, Mark Davie

Minutes of last AGM: Accepted as per CMOA Bulletin Moved Danny Briggs, Seconded David Brock

President’s Report:

    2001 has been a year of mixed blessings. An excellent AGM, an enthusiastic meeting in Tweed Heads, and a stimulating meeting in Alice Springs led off an early burst of energy and functionality. Several newsletters were produced. Then, mid year, a combination of personal issues and the damning effect of the knock back from the Commonwealth for the Masters program induced an insurmountable malaise.

    The issues resolved successfully to date by ASCMO include CME diary system, an invaluable website, successful AGM’s, ASCMO talk email link up, an article for MJA, regular newsletters, administrative support and industrial representation through the unions. The unresolved areas for the future include pathway to CMO, potential for upskilling for CMO’s changing stream, increasing membership and more formalized structure/ process to gatherings.

    I would like to thank my fellow Committee members for their support this year, and recognize the unfulfilled potential of last year. I am keen to remain involved in the Committee, but feel that education is my forte and passion at present, and would encourage new nominations for the Committee for the next twelve months.

VicePresident Report: Apologised position vacant

Secretary Report: Has contributed as possible happy to continue custodian to records of minutes

Treasurer’s Report:

On the 18th I will be flying back from Hobart. Arrive Sydney 1230, then will come to conference. Cheques available after lunch to those with organised bits of paper.

I could try to write a long winded treasurers report, but I am better with numbers.

Career Medical Officers Association Incorporated

which during the year, on 22nd of February 2002, changed its name to

Australasian Society of Career Medical Officers Incorporated.

*Financial statements for the year ended 31 December, 2001

Detailed profit and loss statement




2002 to date



Interest received














CPDP Subscriptions




Web page revenue





Total Income








Bank Fees and Charges





Conference Expenses





General Meeting Expenses




Internet website expenses










Postage, stationary etc




Secretarial services




Printing, bullitin expenses





Student prizes




Travel, accomadation etc








Education officer expenses




Industrial officer expenses



President expenses




Total expenses






Nett Profit/[Loss]






Opening Account Balance $11,634.60 (01/01/2001)

Closing Account Balance $10,064.38 (31/12/2001)

Reduction in Account $ 1,570.22



Sharp increase in expenses may be explained by employment of Jacqui, and her billing during the year as she goes rather than at AGM by committee members. This years loss may be explained by this catch up to more real time accounting, so may be a once off event. We will find out at the meeting , by the amount of reimbursements for expenses incurred during the year.

Increased CPDP revenue and memberships may be anticipated in the coming year with compulsory CME documentation but have not yet materialised.

Increased web page revenue along with reduced web page costs could also possibly be anticipated but have not yet occurred.

I am happy to continue in this role and am available for re-election as treasurer.



Industrial Report: See later session for further information

Webmaster Report:

    CMO reinvented itself as ASCMO therefore website needed to be reinvented as well. This involved some costs for setting up account. Organised free eternal domain name Website been redesigned with internal search engine. Password access for certain information is available. Hits to site since March 430 to main page, 200 to industrial page, 125 to links page. Advertisements are available, as is an error message. Access to shopping access Tshirts, badges, coffee cups and others could be available. Acknowledge Jacqui’s contribution in a number of areas including graphics.

Education Officer Report:

    CPDP continuity needs to be sorted out with RCPA potentially discontinued. Further discussion later in meeting.

Office Manager Report:



Total No. on Database



Membership requesting

to be removed from database/returned mail





Numerous renewal

letters have been sent.


Total No. on Database







Renewal letters to

be sent out again.



Monies banked as per the deposit book under my control:-

    26/3/01 $2,555

    20/4/01 $1,695

    4/6/01 $1,675

    29/6/01 $1,435

    25/7/01 $600

    5/9/01 $1,250

    27/9/01 $575

    26/10/01 $840

    17/1/02 $555

    31/1/02 $865

    22/2/02 $2,275

    6/3/02 $855

    3/5/02 $2,150

    Total $17,325

  • As per the database - since May 2001 there has been $12,910 receipted for CMOA/ASCMO memberships.
  • CPDP memberships receipted $3,215
  • Payments towards Website Ads $575
  • Still to be banked $525.00 as at May 13, 2002.

Total as per above is $17,225. I seem to be out by $100. Can’t seem to find it, but will keep looking – may be my adding up or I may have missed a receipt. At least the amount banked through the deposit book is +$100.


Secretarial Costs

March 2001 - March 2002 (Inclusive)

Use of Peripherals/PC/Email (396 days) $10/week $565.42

Labour @$25/hour (67 hours/0.84 hrs per week) $1,675.00

All others costs include banking, stationery costs,

postage, telephone calls $963.33

Total Secretarial Costs (Ken has copies of Invoices (5)) $3203.72

NB: Invoice No. 5 for $912.87 which is included in the above total, has not been paid as at today’s date.



I have thoroughly enjoyed being of assistance to the ASCMO and I hope that my skills have been of use to the association.

Having a username/password on our database has sparked a few new enquiries from doctors that have been accessing the database but are not members. How many more doctors are using this information "free of charge"? I think that we should be locking out people from using the database without having to be members. Still have areas that are of interest but restrict areas to encourage more members to join and keep coming back. I still think we should change the password on a bi-yearly basis, when renewals are due i.e. in July and December. Another incentive to join promptly.

Sending out a newsletter more regularly would be of great use. Let our members know that we are there for them rather than hearing from us once a year to let them know that their membership is due. We should try and all coordinate this – maybe have a set quarterly/half-yearly newsletter that the committee knows they have to work to, to get the info out on time.

I am quite happy to collate this but would appreciate some notice. I hate getting notification that "this needs to get out in the next day or so" – makes things quite difficult, especially when I may have to work a late shift at the hospital.

We will have to also look at the CPDP software some time in the future. With operating systems being upgraded (especially Windows) is the RCPA going to spend the money to upgrade? – maybe something we could do jointly.

Hope this is of some interest. Have fun at the AGM!



[NB: Discrepancies in comparing this financial data with Treasurer Report will need to be resolved.]

Editor’s Report:

    Not as successful in putting out newsletter this year overwhelmed by malaise. Two good newsletters to date good cost structure. Transition with name also caused some delay.


    Calendar year program needs to be developed regular meetings, regular contact with members, as well as newsletters. Video conference meetings are also a potential.

Election of Officer Bearers: [All accepted by acclimation]

    President David Tree nominated David Brock, seconded Rod Street

    [President's acceptance speech]

    Vice President- Harmen Lightfoot nominated Mary Weber, seconded David Brock

    Secretary Danny Briggs nominated Michael Boyd, seconded Mary Boyd

    Treasurer Ken Wilson nominated Gabrielle dPW, seconded John Egan

    Editor Michael Boyd nominated John Egan, seconded Tom Salonga

    Industrial Officer David Brock - nominated Danny Briggs, seconded John Egan

    Education Officer Gabrielle duPreez-Wilkinson

    Assistant to Education Officer Steve Myers

    Webmaster David Brock

    Public Officer Mary Webber nominated Michael Boyd, seconded Jon Egan

    Ordinary Members Tom Salonga, Michelle Metzler, Mary Nagle, Ron Strauss

Other Business:

    Motion That ASCMO has an external accountant resolve the ASCMO financial books prior to the AGM Moved John Egan, Seconded Mary Weber

    Permanent Phone Hook up number billed to Michael Boyd at present easy to organize phone links

    Motion that signatories for cheques to be David Brock, David Tree and Ken Wilson moved Gabrielle dPW, seconded John Egan passed unanimously

INDUSTRIAL UP DATE - Presented by David Brock

    Report presented in latest ASCMO Times. Document for NSW CMO Award has been presented to the Industrial Commission. ASMOF and HAREA are union representatives within which we have nominal representation. ASMOF has been major conduit for ASCMO. Aim to improve award within NSW as a foundation for future negotiations has been a long term, hard worked project. ASMOF has been encouraged strenuously into action on behalf of CMO’s.

    A letter was sent by ASMOF to Michael Reed looking for revision of award. Award revisions include most of ASCMO’s original wish list. HAREA mirrored letter stating it is their own idea also. We need to have membership in both HAREA and ASMOF.

    ASMOF meeting in Sydney, 16th April 2002, informed that the claim for CMO Award is not going forward at present. Industrial relations section in NSW Health is having issues in reviewing this claim. Current situation relevant Commissioner is waiting for decision from nurse claim to be heard on 1st June. Department is likely to oppose nurse claim, and this may effect the likelihood of our claim progressing.

    Discussion about salary packaging ensued.

    Industrial representation for other states to be reviewed as/ if membership grows.

EDUCATION REPORT - Presented by John Egan

    Major involvement has been CPDP. About 50% of ASCMO belong to CPDP. Initially, one page summary is acceptable for NSW Registration. In the future, this may be revised. Need to follow up with RACP re future of diary is imperative. First up cost - $55 for electronic and $110 for manual.

    Set up costs to be maintained as is.

    Motion that electronic and manual versions for renewal to be made $55 for everyone moved John Egan, seconded Mary Weber - supported unanimously

    Suggestion to explore costing and direction of CME recognition, including reviewing direction to of RACP and potential for creating CPDP (or similar) to palm top in the next twelve months -

    Supported unanimously

    Potential Educational Endeavours for the Future:

    Emergency Program for CMO’s coming into emergency - vision of written material or on website

    Offering of mentor support and advocating for support

    Conduit for telemedicine program via the website explore educational activities and support

    Hospitalist issue could be revisited

    From Gabrielle, reconsideration of proposal for Masters of Clinical Medicine may be an option BUT do we want to pursue this or just propagate the existing courses that have arisen in the last 2 years? Decision to initially propagate material and then reconsider as we develop a critical mass.



Workshop with interactive discussion and debate ensued after lunch.

Outcomes are as follows:


    Professional organization of CMO’s for CMO’s, primarily for support and advocacy functions. These include information access; - educational infrastructure; - industrial linkage; and to present a public face for CMO’s.


    Need to consider options for increasing to maintain validity and improve public profil.

    Options not committed to at this time, but to be explored include: -information to medical schools and Doctors-in-Training; - increasing public face through media, ACCC, and education to other colleges.

    Things to be pursued include ad in Australian Doctor trial a variety for 3 months and then review. Jacqui and David Brock to pursue.

    Procedure for meetings in new sites: Information package to go out first, then meeting to occur. Minutes and list of issues to then follow to the Executive for attention. Issues to be divided into those to be managed or supported by ASCMO which are then timelined, and those to be referred back to local group for attention. Feedback and action is then to occur.

    Review of states:

    NSW meeting in Hunter in October to link with Peripheral Hospitals Emergency Medicine Conference; link with new ASMOF members; potential to contact Medical Administrators supplying CPDP as a solution for their CMO’s registration requirements

    Queensland Gabrielle to strategise and operationalise

    Victoria and Tasmania wait for opportunity to arise

    NT Gabrielle to follow up from last year’s meeting and assess further interest

    WA potential meeting in August

    SA obtain contacts from Med Admin contacts and then Tom to follow up later in the year

    NZ ask for update for newsletter to reinitiate contact


    • Information Pack
    • Website
    • CPDP (could increase membership)
    • Potential Conference March with AGM in Tweed Heads Harmen to investigate
    • Educational Contract optional possibility to be explored
    • Videoconference education sessions monthly or bimonthly to be explored re timing and topics and interest


    David Brock doing an excellent job in maintaining focus in NSW for award. It is recognized that we need to have a procedure to manage concerns in other sites.

    Procedure supported:

    Issue raised encourage local options and resolution and refer to Industrial Officer for notification and advice if local options exhausted, then advise external avenues ie refer to union if want ASCMO support also, ASCMO liaise with union who will be investigating matter, and then feed information to Executive for validation of support if appropriate, send letter informing our awareness of situation, hope for local resolution, and capacity to provide examples of how other places function, if required.

Process Issues


    From now, money and bills are to continue to go to Office Manager. Office Manager to bank money. Signatories for cheques are President, Treasurer and Industrial Officer. Bills to be paid according to the following procedure. Cheques should not be signed by the person being paid. Regular bills to be automatically paid. Regular bills are defined as insurance, CPDP expenses, stationery, Office Manager’s wages, and website costs. Other bills can be endorsed by the Treasurer if less than $500. If bill is greater than $500, then Executive meeting will need to endorse at next meeting or via ASCMO talk.

    Website- suggestions for links, articles and information to be forwarded to David Brock, as possible and as occur.

    Written Communication with membership

    ASCMO Times: February, June (July for this year), October

    Regular newsletters:

    May/ June AGM minutes; June CPDP Renewal and Education Contract Option; August -??; September- ??; November - ??; December Renewal Information; Jan - ??

    Executive and General Meetings

      Executive meetings 2 monthly, with task reminder at midpoint suggest first Tuesday of the month for meeting or reminder alternately.

      Meetings suggested Executive in July; General in Perth at end of August; General in Hunter at beginning of October; General in Tweed Heads at beginning of December.


This page is designed for the sole use of medical practitioners
The information contained within has been provided in good faith.
However, it may contain opinions and errors in fact. Therefore all information is not to be relied upon by any party.
It is presented to stimulate debate amongst the medical profession only

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