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For all our members and those considering joining ASCMO, we would like to list the important reasons for belonging to this organisation.

1. Overview

It is the only organisation that represents the industrial and educational interests of CMOs / SMOs, whether they work in hospital or community medicine. Although different groups can and do work effectively on behalf of CMOs (Such as AMA, ASMOF, Health Services Union (HSU), GP Organisations and other specialist Colleges) they all have other members and cannot be relied upon to have the interests of the CMO foremost in their mind

2. Industrial Issues

ASCMO has been instrumental in the provision of a new award in NSW, which has reversed the previous egregious anomalies and expanded the pay rates and brought the conditions into parity with the late 20th century.

A new award is due soon - and it will only be CMO's who understand the need for improved conditions and rates that differ from the norm. You have to be in it to win it!

In other sates we have been less successful but need the input and activity of SHO/SMO/MOSS/CMO/SMP's from those areas in order to have a meaningful impact.

3. Educational Issues

ASCMO has been pivotal in the development and promulgation of the Hospital Skills Program in NSW, which is starting to provide broad based education for current and new CMO, and is being looked at as a template for other states generalist training.

Developing links with the Australian School of Advanced Medicine for the provision of a broad based Masters of Medical Practice. This is an exciting new venture and has many possibilities for the future of the CMO / Generalist.

Supporting other organisations, in their generalist training programmes, such as the Rural Generalist and GEM pathways from the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

4. Lucent Moments in the History of ASCMO

The creation of new industrial award in NSW for CMO's. This took 5 years of sustained lobbying and work and is an outstanding achievement.

Representation to and talks with Mister Garling S.C. regards the future of health in NSW and the role of the generalist in the provision of quality care across a broad spectrum of community.

Representation on the Hospitalist Steering Committee NSW Department of Health.

Ongoing involvement with IMET and CETI to provide a cogent and broad-based educational framework for the training of non-specialist doctors in NSW

Developing links with like minded organisations who value the concept of generalist practice within specialty environments, whether in local groups such as the MMO's , Australia wide such as the Rural Generalist pathway from ACRRM, or in New Zealand with the relatively new colleges of Accident Medical Practitioners and Hospital Generalist Stream, or overseas with the Society of Hospital Medicine.

Continued efforts to engage other medical organisations with the aim of the support of and commitment to CMO practice.

Developing links with the Australian School of Advanced Medicine in order to support and inform the provision of a broad based Masters of Medical Practice. This is an exciting new venture and has many possibilities for the future of the CMO in Australasia

5. Information Resource for CMOs

Information for CMOs is provided by CMOs through our large website and CMO Bulletins. Our website comes complete with an internal search engine and has numerous industrial awards relevant to CMOs, and an extensive links page suited to the needs of CMOs.

The website also has interactive pages where visitors may record their ideas or comments for others to consider and respond.

READ comments in our guestbook
WRITE comments in our Guestbook

CMOA members may also join our email discussion group by emailing

5. Finally

The last, but not least, reason for joining ASCMO is to meet with other CMOs and be part of a group who share similar problems and interests and who can give information, support and encouragement when required.

So join up and be part of the Australasian Society of Career Medical Officers, and help give ourselves "a Career with a future"

President's Inaugural Address, December 1996

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